Caution advisory! Induction voltage cause by servos.

Caution advisory!  

Induction voltage cause by servos.

We have seen some report of our 6S120A SBEC shutting down the BEC when you are moving

the swash servo very quickly, causing the flight system to reboot, this generally can be tested

before flight, just move all 3 servo with your radio at the same time and move it fast, do some fast 

full up and down movements and see will your flight system reboots due to BEC protection been activated.

Some servo will feed back induction voltage cause by servos motors to the flight system and ESC, Our BEC

has a over voltage protection, if the inline voltage goes over 9.2V, the BEC will shutdown to protect the flight electronics

( servo, Gyro, receives etc…) so when the servo induction voltage is over 9.2V, this will trigger the protection to kick in,

we have recently tested some servos and have witness induction voltage cause by servos up to 14 volts,  obviously due to

induction, so how to avoid this, first we recommend to use maximum 7.2V and not higher BEC voltage so you have more head room,

second is to install capacitors on your receiver so it can act as a buffer, you can find this readily available in many hobby shop,

To recap, do this test before flight for a new installations, if you see this happening, do the above mentions step to eliminate the voltage surge cause by induction !

When using HV servo, set your BEC voltage at only 7.2 volts is the best and we recommend you to do so.

servo result

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