Tribunus ESC and VBar Govenor

When using Tribunus ESC and VBar govenor it is the best to use Tribunus ESC Setup wizard of VBar control to set it up, regarding to Kyle Dahl´s Video below.

All necessary values will directly load (standard values for the Vbar govenor in the VBar as well as all settings into the ESC). Only thing to do is to choose BEC voltage, motor direction and set up protection limits.

Standard value of govenor gain using Vbar govenor is 20, collective add is 15 and cyclic add is 5.  During fine- tuning your govenor you might have to change these values depending on how good the battery is that you actually use, power of motor, RPM, heli/ blade size and gear ratio.

A too high govenor gain will cause the RPM to pump in normal flight, a too low a gain will cause inconsistent headspeed.

If the RPM drops down during a collective climb with you helicopter increase collective add value. If there is a slight drop of RPM in cyclic maneuvers like a stationary flip increase the cyclic add value.

If you change a parameter of the govenor for a specific bank/ RPM and there is no noticable difference than before, make sure you set the value back.



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