SAB Kraken – First Opinions by Kevin St-Cyr

Around this time last year Goblin unveiled a brand new concept model in Italy at Goblin Day 2018. The model was called the “Kraken” and it was advertised as a brand new 700 Heli design from SAB. After the release we heard very little about this helicopter until the middle of February this year when SAB announced they would show it at the Rotor Live show in Germany. It was one of the highlights of the new show garnering a lot of attention.

IMG_4915photos by Romeo Oscar

Since the show a select few of SAB team pilots have managed to get there hands on them and started getting some real world testing.  One of the SAB pilots to receive them was Kevin St.Cyr (Canada) who is also a Team Scorpion Pilot.

Kevin Krakenphotos by Romeo Oscar

We asked Kevin what he thought about the new model and he said,

“I think the best improvement of this new model is the enclose transmission because it is very compact and it is supposed to be indestructible. And than the maintenance is much easier to do on this new model. In regard to the tail is 22% lighter then the old tail system of a goblin 700. The other things I really like about it is the placement of the electronics because the CG is higher and all the wiring is very simple to do! I like the looks of it because it is very narrow compared to the others Goblin!”

Kevin Kraken 2photos by Romeo Oscar

Kevin is using a Scorpion HKII-4525-520kv motor and Tribunus II 200A ESC which is a long standing and proven power system. We asked if he still thought this was the best power system for this model or if perhaps a HKII-4530-500kv might be better and he said,

“I never tried the 4530, I always used 4525-520KV and it has an absolutely great power! In the Kraken I have the same exact setup as my old Thunder 700, but the Kraken feels more powerful and a little more precise in flight probably due to the higher CG.”

IMG_4917photos by Romeo Oscar

SAB advertise that the first batch of kits will be shipping around May 2nd, 2019. So if you’re planning to get one then make sure you consider equipping it with A Scorpion Motor and ESC! 

Thank you to Kevin for giving us your time, and we hope you enjoy your new Heli and thank you for flying Scorpion Power Systems!

IMG_4921 IMG_4920 IMG_4919 IMG_4918 IMG_4910photos by Romeo Oscar

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